How Online Education can be more Beneficial?

Online education is here to stay and rule. No matter, which part of the world you belong, accessing qualifications through online reflect how easy it has become to pursue an entire course from comforts of home defying the traditional concept of learning. Though the common debate between online education and traditional learning might never seem to cease but internet based learning has so much to it that one cannot deny its extra benefits.

Extra Benefits- How Students perceive this Mode of Learning?

There are countries where students cannot access traditional learning due to its many disadvantages like costs, travelling expenses to institutions, non-flexible timing and other factors. Unlike this online have indeed many extra benefits that render motivation to learn more. While you sit at home engaged to the internet, you have access to different software that aid in downloading images, or photos or information to assist you. Remember, if you thought learning Mathematics, Probability or Trigonometry is difficult online then it is not so.

An Online Chemistry Class (Image: Youtube)

An Online Chemistry Class (Image: Youtube)

While you are logged into particular website of any online service provider, you are not just engaged to a range of courses but also discussion forums where you can chat with online mentors and seek advices. Though one might argue that having direct contact or tete-a-tete conversation with mentors is impossible as it is in traditional learning, but you follow your own ways of studying and contacting teachers as and whenever the necessity is felt. Many online course providers offer a fantastic video platform where you can fall back to for useful tips from professors. While the educational videos on certain subjects are already formatted, you can pause and play again rigorously to catch hold of what is being taught through the video. One might agree that this is not possible through traditional mode of learning.

Sometimes, sitting amidst hundreds of students and imbibing teachings from professors in institutions can be tough and strenuous. Your mentor will probably not attend to your call you need the most since he might be busy attending other students’ calls. But this is not the case in online learning wherein you claim full attention of your mentor and seek courses at your pace and peace. Many online institutions offer fantastic course materials with beautiful graphics and animation for a lucid presentation. It is for your better understanding. Only that you have to follow few rules for registration so that you are enrolled to an authentic institution.

Here, is a look at few instances how individuals gain massively from online courses.

Online classes can be accessed all around the World (Image:

Online classes can be accessed all around the World (Image:

A Few Instances

If you thought only students access online courses, you are wrong since many professionals in their middle age seek MBA online courses for further boost in career. The idea is to find growth in career and higher ranking positions. For instance, professionals in full-time accounting seek opportunity of pursuing higher studies to bring boost to career. Experienced individuals say that opportunity to set their own timing and continue studies from any part of globe is amazing.

Besides, many students who cannot complete studies at young age go on to enrol for higher studies like master degree courses later in life. The idea is to bring impetus to career at any point they feel the need. Many women marrying at early stages in life go on to pursue studies, whether undergraduate or postgraduate through online later in life for building careers. The biggest advantage of distance learning comes with the fact that they can juggle family, personal life and study; all three at a time.

Nonetheless, to ensure that you seek authentic and certified courses, enrol with a recognised online degree provider. Though, the list has many, choose the best from the lot after careful assessment and evaluation of their courses and credibility of those courses.

Hence, enjoy extra benefits of online study and make your career more thriving.

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Go Global with a degree from UK

Is your degree globally recognized? You may think that the degrees you have acquired are global but it may not be so. Do you know what global degree means? We frequently hear that some of the universities are going global. But have you ever gave a thought that why is this happening? What impact does it have on student’s career? Is it a boon or bane?

Well, it’s a boon and not bane. If you are studying under accredited universities which are offering global degrees then it’s going to turn your fortune in a better direction. It means your degrees will be valued all across the globe. Many universities in UK are going global to get their degrees recognized universally.

GCIC Students

Students (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What are the advantages if Universities go Global?

  • UK universities’ going global provides students with UK based degrees whilst earning genuine international experience which are sought after by employers.
  • It will give students an understanding about country’s functionality and communication with the rest of the world.
  • It promotes opportunities to develop students as well as staffs of the universities. Students as part of their degree get opportunity to spend time abroad and staffs get a chance to know much more on joint degree programmes as well as on international tie-ups.
  • It broadens knowledge about global networking.
  • It is essential for the UK’s knowledge and economy as the world becomes a more competitive marketplace.

Tom Atterson, Academic Services Manager, Study Abroad & Internships, King’s College London said: ‘There are huge benefits to be reaped – from the broadening of academic horizons giving students a flipped perspective on their chosen subject of study, to the chance to deepen contact networks that spread across the world, to the increased independence and confidence living abroad for an extended period of time naturally brings.

‘Students can develop a huge range of skills: adaptability, greater independent thought, confidence in their own decision-making abilities, cultural sensitivity towards other people leading to an appreciation for alternate ways of behaving required outside of the UK.’

Rising demand for Globalized degrees

However, there is an increasing demand of students from in and outside UK to go global and they want more from their degrees than ever before.

“There is a growth in the transnational market,” says Julie Davies, deputy chief executive at the Association of Business Schools. “But the UK Border Agency is having a detrimental impact on business schools here. People don’t want to come over because they can’t stay beyond graduation – and that is why we are increasingly seeing degrees blended with distance learning.”


Universities to Go Global with Online Studies

UK Universities are now offering online courses as well as regular full time courses to spread the opportunity of achieving global degrees all across the world. Many distance learning body teams up with UK universities to offer these facilities to distance learners.

Open University vice-chancellor Martin Bean said, “It strengthens brand and competitiveness, it allows them to experiment and develop new teaching strategies for their students on campus and online.”

Therefore, it can be said if you are willing to get a globally recognized degrees from UK universities you can opt for it even through online distance learning programmes as provided by this organisation.

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Online Courses Helping the Caribbean Societies to Progress

The social condition of the Caribbean societies has undergone enormous changes in the past half a century. But the most important resource of the country – its people – still require a lot of development in different aspects of their lives. They need to be able to take informed decisions, make wise judgments and practice critical analysis not only for their personal good but also for the good of the society for the democratic Caribbean societies to function properly.

With the advancement of technology and the information they gather through them, they have realised the importance of processing the information for their own good in a way that can only be achieved through higher education. This is something that the Caribbean societies have realised they must do in order to secure their rightful place in the global arena.

Traditional way of imparting higher education and its deficiencies:

The traditional means of imparting higher education has a number of intrinsic difficulties that developing economies like the Caribbean are facing. They are:

  • Lack of infrastructure
  • Lack of manpower
  • Distance that the students have to cover in order to attend classes
  • High costs
  • Mass education intrinsically leads to the lowering of the quality of education imparted

These are a huge setback for a nation that is trying to build its economy from scratches.

Source: via Leona on Pinterest

A tilt towards the online courses:

The online courses help in an enormous way in dealing with the difficulty posed by the regular courses. Let us look at some of them.

  • Increase the students’ access to education
  • No barrier of a classroom
  • Cost effective since the courses cater to a huge number of students
  • Periodic interaction between the teachers and the students increase the chances of individual attention to the students

As they require a working knowledge of Information and Communications Technology or (ICT), more and more students are getting attracted to the IT degrees in both the graduate and the post-graduate levels. There are a number of online degree providers that you can look up and find a useful degree.

Growing interest of the UK universities

A number of UK universities and providers of online degrees are becoming vastly interested in the prospect of offering their courses to the Caribbean. This is an avenue that had not been explored before and has an enormous potential that has not yet been tapped into. Since there are a number of providers of online courses, the students also get a number of options to choose from. Besides the government is also promoting the growth of the online courses because they will get a trained workforce without having to undergo the massive expense of arranging the infrastructure of brick and mortar institutions.

Online courses are helping a number of countries to move ahead. Not only are they helpful for the governments but also for the people as they are finding it useful to follow the courses from remote locations too which would not have been possible without the development of IT.

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Thanks to Online Courses, Mothers can now finish their unfinished degrees

There is no greater joy than being a Mother. But then being a mother is no easy task. Even 24 hours fall short when one is looking after a child. And for a mother it is very difficult to look after her kids, do household chores and study all that the same time. In fact many women opted out of colleges as it got difficult for them to do so many things at the same time. It was getting hectic and at the end of the day they were getting divided into so many things that they hardly got time to look after themselves least of all study.

But then all this has changed. With the passage of time and evolution of technology followed by its advancement has made computers and Internet a household name. And on-line education is a creation of the best resources available. So when all the resources are available to you and you happen to be a stay at home mothers why not make the most of it? Why not complete your educational dreams and apply to home based jobs so that you can, not only look after your kids but also studies and earn on the side. Distance learning study is a prime factor that saw to women’s enrollment in colleges and universities rising from over six million to eleven million since 1980.

Rani Kota, majoring in Public Health, says, “I chose online classes because I can spend time with my family and work full-time and those were my main priorities … With new technology, anyone can do it if they are willing to and can find a balance.”

Changing times:

Distance learning study is a bit different from traditional learning. It is not only flexible; the courses are also affordable and very convenient as it can be pursued from the comforts of your home. And since most of the on-line learners a little older considering their traditional counter parts, they have greater responsibilities and have to look after their family; they show greater initiative in completing the course studying via online distance learning.

Way Back in the 60s when women were not expected to work, but the scenario has changed completely. Just because they have become mothers it does not mean that they will not be able to have an independent financial freedom. 40% of working women are employed in management or professional roles.


Old obligations but new opportunities for working moms:

Research shows more women attend college than men but greater number of men graduate. Why? One of the major reasons for women dropout rate is that they become mothers and looking after kids is a full time job. And unless you have done graduation you will not get good jobs.

The unemployment rate for women with only high school diplomas is almost twice that of women with a bachelor’s degree: 8% vs. 4.5% and usually, the better the education, the better the job.

But the availability of on-line learning is slowly but steadily changing all these and is opening up new and exciting opportunities for them so that in spite of being a stay at home mother they can boast of their economic independence.

Know How to Be an efficient Online Learner

Online education is definitely not the only way of learning easy, but also the way of learning good. However, 60% students after registering themselves with online learning, start taking it lightly. No teacher, no classroom, no bindings make them go crazy and they start viewing the life from a different shade. Else, 40% get confused, because they get introduced to an altogether different learning procedure after many years’ traditional education. So, in both of the circumstances, what the students need is sheer seriousness, proper understanding, true dedication and right efforts to adjust their life with the new way of online education. Need help? Then, look up here to know what should be done to become a successful online learner. Adopt a positive attitude and free spirit of mind

Being positive is very important, when you are going for online education. Since, you will be left on your own; all the decisions will be upon your shoulder. You should always be free to communicate with the university authority and chat with your friends online to discuss all the matters that are bothering you. Be willing to speak up always. Whatever may be the matter is, you should discuss and solve it. It will definitely help you establish a better bond with your studies.

Never think that you are getting less than the traditional classroom teaching. Otherwise, it will be demoralizing for you. Be serious Your seriousness matters a lot, when you are registering for online education. You must be serious towards your studies. Since, nobody is there to guide you, do not think that you can do whatever you want. If you continue to waste time without any reason and neglect your studies, you will definitely lag behind. Your course duration will be stretched and boredom will surround you from all the sides.

In such circumstances, often it is found that students start their distance learning courses and leave it in between. This brings nothing but failure. So, it is very important for you to take your studies seriously, set a schedule, work according to that and finish your assignments right on time. What else do you need? You should be technically affluent, so that using the latest gadgets, serving internet and learning in a modern way can be easier for you.

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Online Education: Strike while the Iron is Hot

If a working person was given an option to continue his studies by doing a full time course and leaving his job or continuing his job while studying online he would choose the latter. Not only would it be less time consuming and cost efficient but also a great way to continue his studies while earning.

  • It is important you know what course you want to pursue because once you know what you want you will be able to make your own schedule by reading the syllabus.
  • Time management is a huge disadvantage in online distance learning. Set yourself a convenient time table. This will let you focus on the important aspects of the syllabus and will help you divide your time equally.
  • Choose a time and place for studying. This is very important. As per your work schedule, choose a time when you can start studying and when you can finish studying without taxing yourself too much. Your Study place should be comfortable and energetic. It should be a place that is quite a removed from the chaos.

Certain things should be kept in mind:-

  • An online learner should choose a reputed college to complete his degree. The university or college should have a set of flexible rules for online learners as they can’t attend classes.
  • Clarify your doubts as and when you have the opportunity. Take the help of chat, discussion boards and virtual classrooms to clear all your questions.

People keen on learning should keep their eyes open for opportunities available online for higher education. Plenty of colleges and universities encourage distance learning. Search the web for such educational institutions and check out their websites to get a comprehensive view of the courses they offer, the tuition fees and other admission details.

If any such offer is available go through the terms and conditions and apply if they suit you. Grab any opportunity that will help you fulfill your dream of completing higher studies. The easiest way to grab such an opportunity is by keeping your ears and eyes open for an interesting offers provided by many universities that encourage distance learning.

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How to Become a Successful Online Learner

Don’t you think that pursuing distance learning is easier than a full time program? Isn’t studying at home seem more flexible and advantageous than doing the same in a classroom? Well, it’s all your ways and strategies that stand responsible for letting you successfully earn a degree online. In fact, it needs a lot of hard work and planning to complete an entire online academic program in time.

Online Learning – Advantages & Risks

Time management is the biggest concern for every online student. Although advantages like flexibility, setting one’s own class hours and learning at one’s own pace are the gifts of distance learning, several students have a propensity to come up with casual approaches in respect to such learning modes. So, the advantages of convenience and freedom can make any online course pursuer loose track and fall short of his/her course targets.

Well, here are few tips and suggestions for all online students who are willing to polish their career standards:

  • Set objectives – It’s very important to set a specific target regarding the career course you are willing to pursue. Once you know the syllabus, it will be easy for you set the learning schedule.
  • Set a convenient timetable – A convenient timetable should always be set so that your learning pace can be maintained and you can proceed with ease and perfection. Often jumbling up materials makes you land up in confusion. Therefore, a proper time table can be highly beneficial.
  • Choose a good study place – A peaceful surrounding is always preferred for studying. So, a lot depends on your study place that primarily stands responsible for your success and hard work.

What should an Online Learner Expect

  1. After choosing an accredited and reputed institution, it’s natural for an online learner to expect the best facilities reserved for off-campus students. The institution or the university must be flexible enough to make a student enjoy each and every advantage of online learning.
  2. Facilities like audio-visual aids, virtual classrooms, chat discussion board, online forums etc should be provided by the institution.
  3. Faculties must be cooperative. They should always maintain an amiable approach towards their students and help them whenever required.