Online Learning is Preferred More Than Traditional Colleges

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Distance learning, or online education is a new of getting acquainted with knowledge and it seems that people are getting attracted towards it more than traditional colleges and universities. Some are also of the view that soon technology in education will take over the traditional schools and colleges and who knows, online education might remain as the only way to study in the coming years!

Why online learning?

  • The first and foremost need of incorporating technology in the classroom is to make education a fun thing for the learners. Especially in the schools where BYODs have become quite popular, educators are of the view that it has helped the children to learn to lessons and remember things in a better way. Technology simply makes learning easier and grabs attention of the learners by providing the subjects in a creative way.
  • The college costs are just skyrocketing day by day. The student debt is a very big issue and Federal Reserve Bank of New York reports that there has been an escalation of $902 billion in students’ loan debt. The online courses, on the other hand, are very much affordable for the learners. Also, the learners can avoid the conveyance costs, food and lodging cost thereby paying for only the course fee, which is much lesser than that of a traditional one.
  • The most renowned universities are now offering their courses online. Starting from MIT, Cambridge to Leeds and Bristol in UK, all have accepted technology in education with open arms. When a learner can get a degree from such popular universities from home, why go abroad?
  • Online education is a globalised endeavour. The learners from all around the globe can go for a course from their favourite universities which might be located in a different part of the world. This is a great opportunity for the learners who are not financially well-off.

Online learning in the corporate world

The various organisations worldwide are implementing e-learning to train the employees. Previously, the training sessions were done at office hours which would consume a lot of time and affect the office work. Also, trainers would have to attend the organisations and also a room would be needed for the same. This would cost a lot of penny. Hence, by implementing online training sessions, they can actually do a cost cutting.

The office working hours wouldn’t get affected with e-learning training sessions. This would mean that the employees can go back home, and then go through the training videos at their own flexibility. Also, the trainers can now be appointed from various parts of the globe as they can present their lectures via web cam.

Hence, for all the above reasons, online learning is simply loved by the organisations, educators as well as learners all around the globe.