Who can get benefitted by online education the most?

One of the most answered queries these days is, “can online learning really benefit us?”. The answer is given differently by different people but almost all of them are certain about one thing, online education is actually beneficial for all of us. Let us now see a few categories of people who can actually get assisted by this technologically advanced mode of education.

Working Professionals                          (Image Courtesy: mysolarlife.com)

a)     Busy Working Professionals

It is often the tag line of various online education forums, “educating the professionals”. As a working professional, it becomes very difficult for anyone to earn a degree from a regular college or university. Therefore, they can always apply for the online courses which are updated, contemporary and full of facts. Undoubtedly, online education has proved to be a boon for such busy working professionals all around the globe.

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b)     Super Busy Moms

It happens with one and all. After getting a baby, life becomes tough for every mom. From changing nappies to make the little one sleep, the mom gets no time for herself. At such point of time, she cannot even dream about going for her regular classes. So, she can always opt for the various online courses. She can do her studies whenever she wants and can submit her projects and assignments according to her feasibility.

c)       Minorities

For the kids in juvenile detention centres, non-consumption areas, drop out recovery and the places where there is scarcity of schools, colleges and advanced resources of learning, online education has proved to be a helping hand. By getting themselves enrolled in the courses through online and getting the degree much before the traditional learners, they can now get acquainted with the facts and facets of life easily.

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d)     The ADHD Teens

The teens with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD) are found to have troubles in grasping their subjects in a regular classroom. Therefore, due to the flexible study shifts and full concentration of the faculty member, they are getting benefitted through online education. They can now easily carry on with their courses from home, at any point of time and thus they get benefitted by their curricula.

e)      Foreign Students

Suppose you are from India and you always had dream to go to UK to get your postgraduate degree. However, because of various reasons, you dream couldn’t get true. May be you had your family whom you cannot leave behind, or the course fee is huge and you do not have the proper savings for that, or may you will have language problem in UK. So, at that point of time, you can always apply to an online course of your choice under a reputed UK University. This way, not only will you get your dream degree, you will get to learn a lot more than any regular classroom as well.

So, if you too want to experience online education and if you too fall somewhere in the above categories see the benefits of online learning and apply for a degree for yourself.

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How Online Education can be more Beneficial?

Online education is here to stay and rule. No matter, which part of the world you belong, accessing qualifications through online reflect how easy it has become to pursue an entire course from comforts of home defying the traditional concept of learning. Though the common debate between online education and traditional learning might never seem to cease but internet based learning has so much to it that one cannot deny its extra benefits.

Extra Benefits- How Students perceive this Mode of Learning?

There are countries where students cannot access traditional learning due to its many disadvantages like costs, travelling expenses to institutions, non-flexible timing and other factors. Unlike this online have indeed many extra benefits that render motivation to learn more. While you sit at home engaged to the internet, you have access to different software that aid in downloading images, or photos or information to assist you. Remember, if you thought learning Mathematics, Probability or Trigonometry is difficult online then it is not so.

An Online Chemistry Class (Image: Youtube)

An Online Chemistry Class (Image: Youtube)

While you are logged into particular website of any online service provider, you are not just engaged to a range of courses but also discussion forums where you can chat with online mentors and seek advices. Though one might argue that having direct contact or tete-a-tete conversation with mentors is impossible as it is in traditional learning, but you follow your own ways of studying and contacting teachers as and whenever the necessity is felt. Many online course providers offer a fantastic video platform where you can fall back to for useful tips from professors. While the educational videos on certain subjects are already formatted, you can pause and play again rigorously to catch hold of what is being taught through the video. One might agree that this is not possible through traditional mode of learning.

Sometimes, sitting amidst hundreds of students and imbibing teachings from professors in institutions can be tough and strenuous. Your mentor will probably not attend to your call you need the most since he might be busy attending other students’ calls. But this is not the case in online learning wherein you claim full attention of your mentor and seek courses at your pace and peace. Many online institutions offer fantastic course materials with beautiful graphics and animation for a lucid presentation. It is for your better understanding. Only that you have to follow few rules for registration so that you are enrolled to an authentic institution.

Here, is a look at few instances how individuals gain massively from online courses.

Online classes can be accessed all around the World (Image: beyondplm.com)

Online classes can be accessed all around the World (Image: beyondplm.com)

A Few Instances

If you thought only students access online courses, you are wrong since many professionals in their middle age seek MBA online courses for further boost in career. The idea is to find growth in career and higher ranking positions. For instance, professionals in full-time accounting seek opportunity of pursuing higher studies to bring boost to career. Experienced individuals say that opportunity to set their own timing and continue studies from any part of globe is amazing.

Besides, many students who cannot complete studies at young age go on to enrol for higher studies like master degree courses later in life. The idea is to bring impetus to career at any point they feel the need. Many women marrying at early stages in life go on to pursue studies, whether undergraduate or postgraduate through online later in life for building careers. The biggest advantage of distance learning comes with the fact that they can juggle family, personal life and study; all three at a time.

Nonetheless, to ensure that you seek authentic and certified courses, enrol with a recognised online degree provider. Though, the list has many, choose the best from the lot after careful assessment and evaluation of their courses and credibility of those courses.

Hence, enjoy extra benefits of online study and make your career more thriving.

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Do you think MBA has become Cliché ?

Is MBA becoming Cliche

Questions have been raised whether MBA courses today have really become cliché or not. To be honest, recent reports suggested that the salaries for MBA degree holders have almost halved whereas students expected to get a boost in their pay packages after graduation. As per the Financial Times annual Global MBA rankings, students who have graduated from business schools in the year 2008 witnessed only half that increase.

The study moreover reported that the course fees since 2005 has gone up by 62%. This has led US MBA students to spend around $106,000 over 2 years and that too by excluding the living costs. However, one of the prospective employers, Helena Pozinak has said that MBA graduates are still high in demand and therefore earning an MBA can never be considered cliché.

Image: paradigmassociates.us

Image: paradigmassociates.us

Planning is essential before proceeding for MBA

Well, students have now become more thoughtful prior to embarking on intensive courses in business management. In fact, the majority now thinks that standing and staring for courses like MBA would be sheer stupidity. Rather, soul searching is a wise and brilliant initiative that must be executed before one invests lump sum amount for the course.

As per experts, the 3 prime reasons responsible for bringing obstructions to one’s career path are:

  • Making career plans too late
  • Putting extreme focus on a specific path
  • Ignoring the soft skills

Although it’s true that the employment market is no doubt tight, jobs for MBA graduates are coming up with the passage of time. Reports said that almost 92% of the business school graduates in 2012 were successful in finding jobs worldwide just after three months from graduation. The report showed 86% in the previous year that included business masters as well as MBAs.

Around 76% of the international employers conducting the GMC survey said that they would be hiring a good amount of MBA graduates in 2013. Well, about 69% of them hired individuals who completed their graduation in 2012. Moreover, the habits and procedures of recruiters are changing since they have now stopped traditionally visiting campuses and are rather hiring more than what they used to do a few years ago.

Colin Hudson


Colin Hudson, career director of Cranfield School of Management said, “Employers realise a recruitment freeze is no longer tenable. They need bright people coming through.” Well, business schools are taking big attempts to meet the needs and wants of employers.

In fact, business experts now feel that honing interpersonal and soft skills are more important rather than being boastful about having a qualification. This is one of the reasons why students and working professionals are now going for online MBA courses to acquire communications skills; gather extensive knowledge on business applications and overcoming reticence. Therefore, an MBA can never be synonymised with the word ‘cliché’ but will always be known to be a powerful weapon for career growth.


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