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Is your degree globally recognized? You may think that the degrees you have acquired are global but it may not be so. Do you know what global degree means? We frequently hear that some of the universities are going global. But have you ever gave a thought that why is this happening? What impact does it have on student’s career? Is it a boon or bane?

Well, it’s a boon and not bane. If you are studying under accredited universities which are offering global degrees then it’s going to turn your fortune in a better direction. It means your degrees will be valued all across the globe. Many universities in UK are going global to get their degrees recognized universally.

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What are the advantages if Universities go Global?

  • UK universities’ going global provides students with UK based degrees whilst earning genuine international experience which are sought after by employers.
  • It will give students an understanding about country’s functionality and communication with the rest of the world.
  • It promotes opportunities to develop students as well as staffs of the universities. Students as part of their degree get opportunity to spend time abroad and staffs get a chance to know much more on joint degree programmes as well as on international tie-ups.
  • It broadens knowledge about global networking.
  • It is essential for the UK’s knowledge and economy as the world becomes a more competitive marketplace.

Tom Atterson, Academic Services Manager, Study Abroad & Internships, King’s College London said: ‘There are huge benefits to be reaped – from the broadening of academic horizons giving students a flipped perspective on their chosen subject of study, to the chance to deepen contact networks that spread across the world, to the increased independence and confidence living abroad for an extended period of time naturally brings.

‘Students can develop a huge range of skills: adaptability, greater independent thought, confidence in their own decision-making abilities, cultural sensitivity towards other people leading to an appreciation for alternate ways of behaving required outside of the UK.’

Rising demand for Globalized degrees

However, there is an increasing demand of students from in and outside UK to go global and they want more from their degrees than ever before.

“There is a growth in the transnational market,” says Julie Davies, deputy chief executive at the Association of Business Schools. “But the UK Border Agency is having a detrimental impact on business schools here. People don’t want to come over because they can’t stay beyond graduation – and that is why we are increasingly seeing degrees blended with distance learning.”


Universities to Go Global with Online Studies

UK Universities are now offering online courses as well as regular full time courses to spread the opportunity of achieving global degrees all across the world. Many distance learning body teams up with UK universities to offer these facilities to distance learners.

Open University vice-chancellor Martin Bean said, “It strengthens brand and competitiveness, it allows them to experiment and develop new teaching strategies for their students on campus and online.”

Therefore, it can be said if you are willing to get a globally recognized degrees from UK universities you can opt for it even through online distance learning programmes as provided by this organisation.

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