Are IT Courses Online The Right Solution For South Africans?

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Are you planning to start a IT career in South Africa? Well, it is certainly a great idea build your career in this sector as the global IT industry is booming and creating more employment opportunities? But do you have the right skills to become an IT or ICT professional? Is it a good idea to study IT courses online to boost your career? Let’s find out…

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Creating Future IT Leaders In South Africa

According to data available in January 2015 from the 2014 matriculation results announcement in South Africa, learners who are planning to pursue higher education to improve their employability for the global job market, especially for a career in ICT or IT. Academic experts and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) professionals believe that online education plays a significant role in helping learners acquire the necessary education by offering quality academic programmes, not only in school, but also in tertiary level. This will enable job seekers to gain the necessary knowledge and skills.

Angie Motshekga, basic education minister in South Africa, announced in January 2015 that the national pass rate for matric 2014 has fallen to 75.8 per cent by 2.4 percentage points, which has decreased from 78.2 per cent in 2013. Over 600 000 students appeared in the matriculation final exams in 2014 . Statistics reveal that one in every four students failed with 28 per cent or 151,000 students qualifying for Bachelor’s degree education and 31 per cent or 167,000 qualifying for diploma study.

According to a report from Independent Online (IOL), universities in Kwa-Zulu Natal province of South Africa are already full and it was found that “ school-leavers have only a one-in-eight chance of winning a place to study”. This has created some serious debate regarding the fate of the students who were unable to pass to have not been able to secure adequate marks to become eligible for university study.

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Challenges For IT Sector 

So if you want to enter the IT sector, then this can create some prominent challenges for you. In fact, many ICT industry experts have become seriously worried about the poor scores obtained by students in mathematics and science. Kobus van Wyk, head, eLearning at Mustek, said “The low pass rates in science and maths will definitely impact, not only the ICT sector, but in most other sectors, due to fewer skilled employees. Introducing ICT in schools (from Grade 1 to Grade 12) will certainly improve the quality of education.” He added “Is enough being done? Definitely not. And it is all very well for the ICT sector to ‘be concerned’ about the situation, but what are the different ICT companies doing to assist the national and provincial education departments?”

However, some others are more concerned about how this is going to affect the IT readiness of the students. Alfie Hamid, Cisco Corporate Affairs regional manager in Sub-Saharan Africa, said “Without that basic IT knowledge, a learner would be lost in their first year of studies. ICT as a subject must get more attention and focus… and this is where the ICT private sector has to come in.”

Study IT Courses Online

Yes…this is where online IT education comes in. Online IT diploma courses enable you to gain the required technical skills and knowledge with high levels of flexibility and convenience. As online ICT programmes are designed to expand the reach of education, you do not have to worry about the lack of seats in a particular course. Moreover, you can choose to study directly from the convenience of your home as it offers high levels of flexibility. Hence you can also choose to do a day job and acquire relevant work experience.

But if you are concerned about the quality of education, then let me tell you that most Information Technology courses online provide you a top-notch learning experience as the courses are developed and conducted by reputed professors and industry experts. You will get to learn about various IT aspects like design, configuration programming, database designing, applications and routine maintenance.

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 Boost Your IT Career

Online IT programmes can effectively help South African learners and job seekers master various technical and professional information and communications technology skills which will empower them to push their careers forward in the IT industry.

What do you think? How will you build your IT career? Feel free to share your views with us by commenting below. We would love to hear from you.

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Go Global with a degree from UK

Is your degree globally recognized? You may think that the degrees you have acquired are global but it may not be so. Do you know what global degree means? We frequently hear that some of the universities are going global. But have you ever gave a thought that why is this happening? What impact does it have on student’s career? Is it a boon or bane?

Well, it’s a boon and not bane. If you are studying under accredited universities which are offering global degrees then it’s going to turn your fortune in a better direction. It means your degrees will be valued all across the globe. Many universities in UK are going global to get their degrees recognized universally.

GCIC Students

Students (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What are the advantages if Universities go Global?

  • UK universities’ going global provides students with UK based degrees whilst earning genuine international experience which are sought after by employers.
  • It will give students an understanding about country’s functionality and communication with the rest of the world.
  • It promotes opportunities to develop students as well as staffs of the universities. Students as part of their degree get opportunity to spend time abroad and staffs get a chance to know much more on joint degree programmes as well as on international tie-ups.
  • It broadens knowledge about global networking.
  • It is essential for the UK’s knowledge and economy as the world becomes a more competitive marketplace.

Tom Atterson, Academic Services Manager, Study Abroad & Internships, King’s College London said: ‘There are huge benefits to be reaped – from the broadening of academic horizons giving students a flipped perspective on their chosen subject of study, to the chance to deepen contact networks that spread across the world, to the increased independence and confidence living abroad for an extended period of time naturally brings.

‘Students can develop a huge range of skills: adaptability, greater independent thought, confidence in their own decision-making abilities, cultural sensitivity towards other people leading to an appreciation for alternate ways of behaving required outside of the UK.’

Rising demand for Globalized degrees

However, there is an increasing demand of students from in and outside UK to go global and they want more from their degrees than ever before.

“There is a growth in the transnational market,” says Julie Davies, deputy chief executive at the Association of Business Schools. “But the UK Border Agency is having a detrimental impact on business schools here. People don’t want to come over because they can’t stay beyond graduation – and that is why we are increasingly seeing degrees blended with distance learning.”


Universities to Go Global with Online Studies

UK Universities are now offering online courses as well as regular full time courses to spread the opportunity of achieving global degrees all across the world. Many distance learning body teams up with UK universities to offer these facilities to distance learners.

Open University vice-chancellor Martin Bean said, “It strengthens brand and competitiveness, it allows them to experiment and develop new teaching strategies for their students on campus and online.”

Therefore, it can be said if you are willing to get a globally recognized degrees from UK universities you can opt for it even through online distance learning programmes as provided by this organisation.

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Thanks to Online Courses, Mothers can now finish their unfinished degrees

There is no greater joy than being a Mother. But then being a mother is no easy task. Even 24 hours fall short when one is looking after a child. And for a mother it is very difficult to look after her kids, do household chores and study all that the same time. In fact many women opted out of colleges as it got difficult for them to do so many things at the same time. It was getting hectic and at the end of the day they were getting divided into so many things that they hardly got time to look after themselves least of all study.

But then all this has changed. With the passage of time and evolution of technology followed by its advancement has made computers and Internet a household name. And on-line education is a creation of the best resources available. So when all the resources are available to you and you happen to be a stay at home mothers why not make the most of it? Why not complete your educational dreams and apply to home based jobs so that you can, not only look after your kids but also studies and earn on the side. Distance learning study is a prime factor that saw to women’s enrollment in colleges and universities rising from over six million to eleven million since 1980.

Rani Kota, majoring in Public Health, says, “I chose online classes because I can spend time with my family and work full-time and those were my main priorities … With new technology, anyone can do it if they are willing to and can find a balance.”

Changing times:

Distance learning study is a bit different from traditional learning. It is not only flexible; the courses are also affordable and very convenient as it can be pursued from the comforts of your home. And since most of the on-line learners a little older considering their traditional counter parts, they have greater responsibilities and have to look after their family; they show greater initiative in completing the course studying via online distance learning.

Way Back in the 60s when women were not expected to work, but the scenario has changed completely. Just because they have become mothers it does not mean that they will not be able to have an independent financial freedom. 40% of working women are employed in management or professional roles.


Old obligations but new opportunities for working moms:

Research shows more women attend college than men but greater number of men graduate. Why? One of the major reasons for women dropout rate is that they become mothers and looking after kids is a full time job. And unless you have done graduation you will not get good jobs.

The unemployment rate for women with only high school diplomas is almost twice that of women with a bachelor’s degree: 8% vs. 4.5% and usually, the better the education, the better the job.

But the availability of on-line learning is slowly but steadily changing all these and is opening up new and exciting opportunities for them so that in spite of being a stay at home mother they can boast of their economic independence.

Know How to Be an efficient Online Learner

Online education is definitely not the only way of learning easy, but also the way of learning good. However, 60% students after registering themselves with online learning, start taking it lightly. No teacher, no classroom, no bindings make them go crazy and they start viewing the life from a different shade. Else, 40% get confused, because they get introduced to an altogether different learning procedure after many years’ traditional education. So, in both of the circumstances, what the students need is sheer seriousness, proper understanding, true dedication and right efforts to adjust their life with the new way of online education. Need help? Then, look up here to know what should be done to become a successful online learner. Adopt a positive attitude and free spirit of mind

Being positive is very important, when you are going for online education. Since, you will be left on your own; all the decisions will be upon your shoulder. You should always be free to communicate with the university authority and chat with your friends online to discuss all the matters that are bothering you. Be willing to speak up always. Whatever may be the matter is, you should discuss and solve it. It will definitely help you establish a better bond with your studies.

Never think that you are getting less than the traditional classroom teaching. Otherwise, it will be demoralizing for you. Be serious Your seriousness matters a lot, when you are registering for online education. You must be serious towards your studies. Since, nobody is there to guide you, do not think that you can do whatever you want. If you continue to waste time without any reason and neglect your studies, you will definitely lag behind. Your course duration will be stretched and boredom will surround you from all the sides.

In such circumstances, often it is found that students start their distance learning courses and leave it in between. This brings nothing but failure. So, it is very important for you to take your studies seriously, set a schedule, work according to that and finish your assignments right on time. What else do you need? You should be technically affluent, so that using the latest gadgets, serving internet and learning in a modern way can be easier for you.

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Online Education: Strike while the Iron is Hot

If a working person was given an option to continue his studies by doing a full time course and leaving his job or continuing his job while studying online he would choose the latter. Not only would it be less time consuming and cost efficient but also a great way to continue his studies while earning.

  • It is important you know what course you want to pursue because once you know what you want you will be able to make your own schedule by reading the syllabus.
  • Time management is a huge disadvantage in online distance learning. Set yourself a convenient time table. This will let you focus on the important aspects of the syllabus and will help you divide your time equally.
  • Choose a time and place for studying. This is very important. As per your work schedule, choose a time when you can start studying and when you can finish studying without taxing yourself too much. Your Study place should be comfortable and energetic. It should be a place that is quite a removed from the chaos.

Certain things should be kept in mind:-

  • An online learner should choose a reputed college to complete his degree. The university or college should have a set of flexible rules for online learners as they can’t attend classes.
  • Clarify your doubts as and when you have the opportunity. Take the help of chat, discussion boards and virtual classrooms to clear all your questions.

People keen on learning should keep their eyes open for opportunities available online for higher education. Plenty of colleges and universities encourage distance learning. Search the web for such educational institutions and check out their websites to get a comprehensive view of the courses they offer, the tuition fees and other admission details.

If any such offer is available go through the terms and conditions and apply if they suit you. Grab any opportunity that will help you fulfill your dream of completing higher studies. The easiest way to grab such an opportunity is by keeping your ears and eyes open for an interesting offers provided by many universities that encourage distance learning.

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