Is College Degree The Only Way To Land A Lucrative Job?

In the past few years, many Irish individuals were prevented from getting lucrative jobs due to prejudice. Most of us are used to the tales of job notices saying “No Irish need apply.” But the fact remains that such prejudice still exists today and is preventing numerous Irish educated people to apply for jobs. Currently, there is a common attitude across Ireland, which is rather ill-informed, that considers a university degree as the only way to land a lucrative job. Moreover, vocational training and apprenticeships are considered to be a poor quality alternative.

Demand For Vocational Skills

Vocational Training


The truth is, presently there is a rapidly increasing demand for individuals with vocational skills. For instance, around 48,000 workers are now employed in the logistics industry, and in the coming 5 years an additional 13,500 to 15,500 people will be added as the sector will expand. The level of skills required to work in the logistics sector is expanding. Today we need advanced computer management systems along with cutting edge automated warehouses to keep the work going, which is necessitating a high demand for trained & skilled staff.

Damien English, Minister of State for Skills, Research and Innovation, recently wrote in an article “Ireland now has one of the highest proportions of people with a third-level degree in the EU. According to Eurostat, more than half of 30 to 34 year old (51.1 per cent) in Ireland have completed third level compared to a European average of 35.8 per cent of 30- to 34-year-old who had completed tertiary education. The third-level system and the graduates it produces have been key to our economic success.”

Emerging Challenging

Knowledge And Skills


But, now problems are starting to come up with the existing system. The excess focus on university is preventing numerous youths from acquiring salable knowledge and skills that will enable them to build successful careers. Rather, these young people are being motivated to pursue courses that are not suitable for them or their future careers.

English added “One result is that on average 15 per cent of students drop out after first year (22 per cent from ITs, 9 per cent from universities and 4 per cent from teacher-training colleges). This is a waste both of the students’ time, and taxpayers’ and parents’ money.”

Workers Are Overqualified

A new report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) found that more than 42 per cent of workers in Ireland are employed in a field which is not suitable for their qualification. The figure is much more than the OECD average. Moreover, more than 50 per cent of these people are identified as overqualified for the positions they are employed in. According to the report, it has been estimated that this mismatch of qualifications and jobs cost the economy around €1.5 billion.

Education Degree


Damien English wrote “We have a very good education system but there are significant gaps in how we build skills in Ireland. Academic ability is not the only valuable talent and not every profession is best learnt in an academic setting. Business needs people with strong practical skills, and apprenticeships and vocational training are key to delivering these.”

He added “We need to recalibrate the third-level educational system to focus more on learning by doing and on-the-job training if we are to address these issues. ”

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Online University Graduates have Potentials Similar to Traditional Learners



Can online university students be as potential as those studying in conventional universities? Does the education obtained by online graduates assure quality in comparison to those provided in the brick and mortar institutions? Well, these questions have been raising debates for years among experts and career professionals, and now the Vice Chancellor of NOUN has come up with a crystal clear answer.

Nigeria’s Open University students have equal potential similar to full-timers



As per Professor Vincent Ado Tenebe, graduates studying in the National Open University of Nigeria are as potential as those studying in the brick and mortar universities. While talking to the journalists at the opening ceremony of Pan-Commonwealth Forum (PCF) on Open Learning, Tenebe said that they not only intend to theorise but also work on the practical aspect of online learning.

According to Tenebe, “We are not only theorising this concept but practicalising it. We are demonstrating to people that if you get your certificate from the Open University or the national teachers institute, compare that graduate with the ones from conventional universities.” He also said that traditional university students would be given a challenge through a competition where they have to face the online university students.

Online university courses – a holistic transformation

Professor Tenebe who is also PCF’s co-chairman said that the intention of the National Open University is crystal clear. They want to make the entire globe witness as how quality education can be obtained through university courses online and can therefore let individuals undergo a holistic transformation. He explained that this system of learning is so flexible and comfortable that one can learn at one’s own pace and become highly professional with time.

Tenebe conceives distance learning as a holistic package and therefore he says that they are not only providing education out of business to let students achieve qualifications but a lot more beyond. He added, “That is why open and distance learning is the education of the people and is for the people and it democratises education”.

The professor was moreover quite enthusiastic in saying that the Open University along with the system of distance learning helps almost everyone to obtain education with ease. NOUN moreover is adopting diverse approaches to help students receive education with absolute perfection.

NOUN joins hands with NTI



The National Teachers Institute has joined hands with NOUN to work together and help the rural population access different channels of media for meeting their education standards.

We don’t have the connectivity in the rural areas. In some rural areas, we don’t even have electricity but we cannot exclude these people. So we have to find a way to take this education to them even if it means recording these programs and taking it to them”, said Tenebe. (Quotation Source:

With such an incredible initiative by NOUN, online education will acquire a new meaning in the underdeveloped nations. Students who never dreamt to complete higher studies for lack of resources will now be making their dreams come true. In fact, the working professionals who had no choices left than to travel overseas and spend lump sums to enrol in a reputed university will now be continuing their work and studying under a reputed online university at the same time.

The Aura of Education Redefined

A noble man once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” True, nothing can match the power of education. History is testimony to the fact that an entire nation’s faith has been transformed single handed by an educated man.

As far as education is concerned, it’s wide, limitless and without cease. True to its nature, it’s the only medium which amasses respect and dignity for human being. No one’s life is considered up to the hilt without a proper education.

Talking about proper education, it starts from your family and subsequently leads to schools, colleges and universities. In the modern times, technologies are everywhere to be seen so the concept of education too has changed accordingly.


Advent of technologies has given birth to online distance education system. Now, people have the choice to study from home only. No longer are you needed to attend boring and lengthy lectures. You can attend classes just by sitting at home and switching on to laptop or personal computer.

Several eminent universities from around the world are bestowing such degree courses from home. It’s an option to avail not only for undergraduate students but also for postgraduates. Apart from regular students, they who discontinued their studies midway can also opt for such course degrees and revamp their career prospective.

Working professionals having a desire to raise high in the industry could benefit a lot from such degree courses. Every aspect of today’s managerial skills needed to bolster one’s professional life is covered under these courses.

Virtues of online education system do not end over here. The easy and flexible mode of study has only added to its acceptance among students from all over the world. It’s the correct time for you too to give a very much required boost to career opportunities by mulling it as an option to pursue higher education.

Attain Success through Home Degree

With Online Distance Education paving way into the life of working professionals, Degree from Home is gaining a slow and sure popularity base. Working professionals are getting enrolled in various Degree from Home courses in order to shape up their career. These courses provide one with the skill and efficiency to meet the continuous challenges faced in their work field. One can apply all that he is learning in his day to day work affairs. This provides one with a situation where he can apply his knowledge for practical purposes.

Getting a degree virtually (Image:

What is Degree from Home?

It means that one can opt for online distance education from the comfort of his home. And after the completion of the course, he will be awarded with a Degree, which is accepted everywhere. In short, one can learn while he earns and in the process gives a much needed boost to his career.

Why go for Degree from Home?

Potential Benefits: Two of the most significant reasons for selecting this type of courses are time and money. As one is pursuing this course from the comfort of his home, he can manage his time accordingly. He can schedule and divide his day in such a manner so that neither his work nor his studies are hampered. Moreover one can be in any part of the world and go for a course from a university which is diametrically opposite to where he is located. One can study according to his pace and speed.

Second, such courses are relatively cheaper compared to the regular courses. Furthermore one doesn’t need to spend on transportation charges, accommodation cost.

The value of education:
Many employers give significant importance to higher education especially those which give broad, practical and up to date information of certain industries. Candidates having such relevant educational background are assets for companies seeking a competitive edge in their sector.

Edge of Online degrees over other regular courses:

As online degrees make use of audio, video and video – conferencing in certain scenarios, the candidate gets well versed with these technologies and learns how to handle and operate them. In the process they become tech savvy, which is a huge plus point in today’s cut throat job sector. Moreover one realizes how to get information on the go and use it for his benefit.

How Degree from Home enhances your Career Prospects?

Online education makes available learning methods and procedures that are normally not available to many people. Online based programmes provide a flexible, self-regulating learning chance that fits the lifestyle of busy people and ensures that on the completion of the course they will be able to make proper use of the skills acquired.

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