Student Testimonials for Internationally Recognised Online Universities Qualification

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It is a misconception that studying from an online university means not gaining accreditation from a world recognised university. UK Universities collaborated with online providers offer a range of courses that are globally recognised.  Since courses are available through internet, students can access them from any part of the globe without difficulty.

It is every student’s dream to access courses from globally recognised University that mark exemplary status. Take a look at what these two students have to say about their experiences studying from globally recognised online institution.

Excerpts of Student Experience

Example 1:

Josina France had enrolled with a reputable online provider for an MBA course. A native of Antigua, she wanted to study MBA that could be globally recognised. Her experience was excellent and she had experienced it best at the time of enrolment. Finally, the enrolment process went smoothly and she was admitted for the course. She not only found the course useful but she learnt new techniques and methods that assisted her to work in a fine environment. Gradually, she enhanced her skills on writing and researching capabilities, and time management.

“I would recommend RDI to anyone who intends to obtain a degree to distance learning because of its credibility, the professionalism and level of support given by the staff, the flexibility it offers to study, and the affordable cost of the programmes,” Josina concludes.

Josina must have had the most resounding experience of accessing courses from an online provider, associated with the UK University. At the end, she gained flexibility of learning without encroaching on employment time, thus being able to finish a course within time.

Example 2:

Yulando Lee from West Indies was in a full-time professional in Accountancy and her career demanded opting for an MBA course. She was looking for an opportunity of flexible study mode, where she could set her own study hours and continue with studies from any part of the globe.

This is what she has to say about her experience. “The enrolment process with RDI was fairly easy and there was no specific intake date or request for registration fees. Having decided on the programme of study and reviewing the requirements and tuition costs, I submitted all the necessary paperwork for admission. They acknowledged receipt of my application and within the specified response time, I received a call from the Programs Co-ordinator advising of my acceptance to the programs. The formal acceptance package was received well in advance of the beginning of the program.”

In addition, she had more praises to sing regarding the extensive study support, flexible financial process and the flexibility of the course itself. She has more to say about her relationship with RDI, “I had and continue to maintain a good relationship with the RDI Team. They are very supportive and efficient in the delivery of their administrative services and have always communicated effectively with me and other students on pertinent information or “things to know”.

RDI is tied with UK Universities, which reflects the very fact why this online provider has world class service to provide. She also recommended RDI to all her colleagues. Indeed, she found that RDI is both service oriented and dependable. She also opines that RDI partners with the top-notch Universities in UK that are engaged in offering courses, which are also offered to on-campus students. Besides, the fact is the provider has exclusive support team that offers guidance and advice tailor made to your demands.

The above two instances reflect the fact that the students in disguise of working professionals gained massively by accessing courses through RDI, which is associated with the most reputable UK Universities. Thus, on completion of courses you can gain accredited or globally recognised academic qualification just like Josina and Yulando. (Source)

The internet is replete with an array of online providers whose vision is to change your world by delivering flexible and high quality education as offered by most renowned UK Universities. The best in the herd will cater online tutorial support combined with flexible funding options with 60% less in aggregate compared to other providers. Thus, look for international online universities that offer courses through distance communities for an accomplished and enriching learning experience.

So, if you are planning to enrol for internationally recognised courses, check out the list as offered by online providers in association with recognised UK Universities. After all, gaining globally recognised courses help you seek jobs or career positions of satisfaction.


Do you think MBA has become Cliché ?

Is MBA becoming Cliche

Questions have been raised whether MBA courses today have really become cliché or not. To be honest, recent reports suggested that the salaries for MBA degree holders have almost halved whereas students expected to get a boost in their pay packages after graduation. As per the Financial Times annual Global MBA rankings, students who have graduated from business schools in the year 2008 witnessed only half that increase.

The study moreover reported that the course fees since 2005 has gone up by 62%. This has led US MBA students to spend around $106,000 over 2 years and that too by excluding the living costs. However, one of the prospective employers, Helena Pozinak has said that MBA graduates are still high in demand and therefore earning an MBA can never be considered cliché.



Planning is essential before proceeding for MBA

Well, students have now become more thoughtful prior to embarking on intensive courses in business management. In fact, the majority now thinks that standing and staring for courses like MBA would be sheer stupidity. Rather, soul searching is a wise and brilliant initiative that must be executed before one invests lump sum amount for the course.

As per experts, the 3 prime reasons responsible for bringing obstructions to one’s career path are:

  • Making career plans too late
  • Putting extreme focus on a specific path
  • Ignoring the soft skills

Although it’s true that the employment market is no doubt tight, jobs for MBA graduates are coming up with the passage of time. Reports said that almost 92% of the business school graduates in 2012 were successful in finding jobs worldwide just after three months from graduation. The report showed 86% in the previous year that included business masters as well as MBAs.

Around 76% of the international employers conducting the GMC survey said that they would be hiring a good amount of MBA graduates in 2013. Well, about 69% of them hired individuals who completed their graduation in 2012. Moreover, the habits and procedures of recruiters are changing since they have now stopped traditionally visiting campuses and are rather hiring more than what they used to do a few years ago.

Colin Hudson


Colin Hudson, career director of Cranfield School of Management said, “Employers realise a recruitment freeze is no longer tenable. They need bright people coming through.” Well, business schools are taking big attempts to meet the needs and wants of employers.

In fact, business experts now feel that honing interpersonal and soft skills are more important rather than being boastful about having a qualification. This is one of the reasons why students and working professionals are now going for online MBA courses to acquire communications skills; gather extensive knowledge on business applications and overcoming reticence. Therefore, an MBA can never be synonymised with the word ‘cliché’ but will always be known to be a powerful weapon for career growth.


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Why MBAs Hold Greater Values in Today’s Job Market

During our working era, we always look for growth and betterment. We keep hunting for opportunities through which we can deliver our working skills and impress the best employers of the country. As days are passing, the chances to get high-salaried jobs are getting minimized. Those obtaining specialized degrees crack the best job openings rather than those who end up earning a mere certificate in graduation. Even if you are a graduate and looking to enhance your academic standards, go for an MBA or Master in Business Administration.

Big business organizations and corporate houses hire MBA degree holders so that they can manage such big enterprises with sheer professionalism and supreme confidence. Since the MBA courses are basically designed to train individuals to look after a flourishing business and skillfully handle each and every aspect of the business undertakings, the demand of MBA professionals is indeed huge in the current job market. Moreover, it’s one of the most prospective and rewarding degrees that can not only assure you a prestigious position in a reputed company but raise your finances sky-high. To know more, visit here.


MBA courses can be pursued through two probable modes – full-time and online. If you are making plans for full-time MBA programs, you need to first get through the Common Admission Test or CAT. It’s not an easy scoring exam and one must take quality preparation. The higher you score, the better your university selection.

On the other hand, an online MBA course does not involve all such hassles. You simply need to do some research work and choose a reputed university from where you will be pursuing your online MBA program. Mostly, working personals prefer to enroll in online MBA courses so that they can continue their work and study alongside from their home. Whichever mode you opt, make sure you give your heart and soul to successfully pursue the course in time.