How Online Learning is a Feasible Option to Get Better Jobs in the Market?

Online learning has grown in leaps and bounds over the past decade. A large number of students have flocked to online colleges and massive open online courses because they want to secure jobs as early as possible by developing their skills.

Some educational magazines and researchers have been studying the role of online learning in securing jobs for students. They have put in a lot of effort to understand whether online distance education actually helps students find a job. The studies find out that the scepticism about distance learning is somewhat shifting because more and more students are looking to earn a degree through online distance learning medium.

Meteoric Rise Over The Last Decade

Online education sector has gone through a meteoric rise over the past decade. According to a report by Babson Survey Research Group, over 6.1 million students enrolled in at least one online class in the fall of 2010. The data suggests a growth rate of 10 percent over 2009 and almost four times higher than the number of students took online courses a decade back. (Source:

There are some students enrolled in the traditional schools, which also provide online courses whereas many other students go for online courses through UK universities and other online institutes. Still, people are concerned over the quality of online learning and value of online degrees in getting jobs.

UK Universities in Nigeria

UK universities’ online courses are especially designed to help in getting better job opportunities. These universities have a wide presence in the online education sector and they are making their presence felt all around the world. Now, they have come up with many undergraduate and postgraduate online courses in Nigeria promising students from this region of enhanced job prospects.

Find out how online distance learning from UK universities can help Nigerian students enhance their career prospects:

  • Flexibility of learning
  • Accommodate online courses with your lifestyle as per convenience
  • Quick degree to maximise job prospects
  • Make a balance between personal, professional and academic life without glitches
  • Working professionals and middle age people can also study for online degrees and earn a valuable degree to rise within the organisation
  • Complete the courses as per your convenience, though you must complete the course on time for better job opportunities
  • Study at own pace without feeling the pressure, though you should be self disciplined and committed to studies

Besides these factors, online distance learning courses are designed to improve various skills of students. Employers today look for apt skills in their employees and online distance learning instils all the required qualities in the learners.


Thanks to Online Courses, Mothers can now finish their unfinished degrees

There is no greater joy than being a Mother. But then being a mother is no easy task. Even 24 hours fall short when one is looking after a child. And for a mother it is very difficult to look after her kids, do household chores and study all that the same time. In fact many women opted out of colleges as it got difficult for them to do so many things at the same time. It was getting hectic and at the end of the day they were getting divided into so many things that they hardly got time to look after themselves least of all study.

But then all this has changed. With the passage of time and evolution of technology followed by its advancement has made computers and Internet a household name. And on-line education is a creation of the best resources available. So when all the resources are available to you and you happen to be a stay at home mothers why not make the most of it? Why not complete your educational dreams and apply to home based jobs so that you can, not only look after your kids but also studies and earn on the side. Distance learning study is a prime factor that saw to women’s enrollment in colleges and universities rising from over six million to eleven million since 1980.

Rani Kota, majoring in Public Health, says, “I chose online classes because I can spend time with my family and work full-time and those were my main priorities … With new technology, anyone can do it if they are willing to and can find a balance.”

Changing times:

Distance learning study is a bit different from traditional learning. It is not only flexible; the courses are also affordable and very convenient as it can be pursued from the comforts of your home. And since most of the on-line learners a little older considering their traditional counter parts, they have greater responsibilities and have to look after their family; they show greater initiative in completing the course studying via online distance learning.

Way Back in the 60s when women were not expected to work, but the scenario has changed completely. Just because they have become mothers it does not mean that they will not be able to have an independent financial freedom. 40% of working women are employed in management or professional roles.


Old obligations but new opportunities for working moms:

Research shows more women attend college than men but greater number of men graduate. Why? One of the major reasons for women dropout rate is that they become mothers and looking after kids is a full time job. And unless you have done graduation you will not get good jobs.

The unemployment rate for women with only high school diplomas is almost twice that of women with a bachelor’s degree: 8% vs. 4.5% and usually, the better the education, the better the job.

But the availability of on-line learning is slowly but steadily changing all these and is opening up new and exciting opportunities for them so that in spite of being a stay at home mother they can boast of their economic independence.

How to Become a Successful Online Learner

Don’t you think that pursuing distance learning is easier than a full time program? Isn’t studying at home seem more flexible and advantageous than doing the same in a classroom? Well, it’s all your ways and strategies that stand responsible for letting you successfully earn a degree online. In fact, it needs a lot of hard work and planning to complete an entire online academic program in time.

Online Learning – Advantages & Risks

Time management is the biggest concern for every online student. Although advantages like flexibility, setting one’s own class hours and learning at one’s own pace are the gifts of distance learning, several students have a propensity to come up with casual approaches in respect to such learning modes. So, the advantages of convenience and freedom can make any online course pursuer loose track and fall short of his/her course targets.

Well, here are few tips and suggestions for all online students who are willing to polish their career standards:

  • Set objectives – It’s very important to set a specific target regarding the career course you are willing to pursue. Once you know the syllabus, it will be easy for you set the learning schedule.
  • Set a convenient timetable – A convenient timetable should always be set so that your learning pace can be maintained and you can proceed with ease and perfection. Often jumbling up materials makes you land up in confusion. Therefore, a proper time table can be highly beneficial.
  • Choose a good study place – A peaceful surrounding is always preferred for studying. So, a lot depends on your study place that primarily stands responsible for your success and hard work.

What should an Online Learner Expect

  1. After choosing an accredited and reputed institution, it’s natural for an online learner to expect the best facilities reserved for off-campus students. The institution or the university must be flexible enough to make a student enjoy each and every advantage of online learning.
  2. Facilities like audio-visual aids, virtual classrooms, chat discussion board, online forums etc should be provided by the institution.
  3. Faculties must be cooperative. They should always maintain an amiable approach towards their students and help them whenever required.


Why MBAs Hold Greater Values in Today’s Job Market

During our working era, we always look for growth and betterment. We keep hunting for opportunities through which we can deliver our working skills and impress the best employers of the country. As days are passing, the chances to get high-salaried jobs are getting minimized. Those obtaining specialized degrees crack the best job openings rather than those who end up earning a mere certificate in graduation. Even if you are a graduate and looking to enhance your academic standards, go for an MBA or Master in Business Administration.

Big business organizations and corporate houses hire MBA degree holders so that they can manage such big enterprises with sheer professionalism and supreme confidence. Since the MBA courses are basically designed to train individuals to look after a flourishing business and skillfully handle each and every aspect of the business undertakings, the demand of MBA professionals is indeed huge in the current job market. Moreover, it’s one of the most prospective and rewarding degrees that can not only assure you a prestigious position in a reputed company but raise your finances sky-high. To know more, visit here.


MBA courses can be pursued through two probable modes – full-time and online. If you are making plans for full-time MBA programs, you need to first get through the Common Admission Test or CAT. It’s not an easy scoring exam and one must take quality preparation. The higher you score, the better your university selection.

On the other hand, an online MBA course does not involve all such hassles. You simply need to do some research work and choose a reputed university from where you will be pursuing your online MBA program. Mostly, working personals prefer to enroll in online MBA courses so that they can continue their work and study alongside from their home. Whichever mode you opt, make sure you give your heart and soul to successfully pursue the course in time.