Are IT Courses Online The Right Solution For South Africans?

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Are you planning to start a IT career in South Africa? Well, it is certainly a great idea build your career in this sector as the global IT industry is booming and creating more employment opportunities? But do you have the right skills to become an IT or ICT professional? Is it a good idea to study IT courses online to boost your career? Let’s find out…

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Creating Future IT Leaders In South Africa

According to data available in January 2015 from the 2014 matriculation results announcement in South Africa, learners who are planning to pursue higher education to improve their employability for the global job market, especially for a career in ICT or IT. Academic experts and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) professionals believe that online education plays a significant role in helping learners acquire the necessary education by offering quality academic programmes, not only in school, but also in tertiary level. This will enable job seekers to gain the necessary knowledge and skills.

Angie Motshekga, basic education minister in South Africa, announced in January 2015 that the national pass rate for matric 2014 has fallen to 75.8 per cent by 2.4 percentage points, which has decreased from 78.2 per cent in 2013. Over 600 000 students appeared in the matriculation final exams in 2014 . Statistics reveal that one in every four students failed with 28 per cent or 151,000 students qualifying for Bachelor’s degree education and 31 per cent or 167,000 qualifying for diploma study.

According to a report from Independent Online (IOL), universities in Kwa-Zulu Natal province of South Africa are already full and it was found that “ school-leavers have only a one-in-eight chance of winning a place to study”. This has created some serious debate regarding the fate of the students who were unable to pass to have not been able to secure adequate marks to become eligible for university study.

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Challenges For IT Sector 

So if you want to enter the IT sector, then this can create some prominent challenges for you. In fact, many ICT industry experts have become seriously worried about the poor scores obtained by students in mathematics and science. Kobus van Wyk, head, eLearning at Mustek, said “The low pass rates in science and maths will definitely impact, not only the ICT sector, but in most other sectors, due to fewer skilled employees. Introducing ICT in schools (from Grade 1 to Grade 12) will certainly improve the quality of education.” He added “Is enough being done? Definitely not. And it is all very well for the ICT sector to ‘be concerned’ about the situation, but what are the different ICT companies doing to assist the national and provincial education departments?”

However, some others are more concerned about how this is going to affect the IT readiness of the students. Alfie Hamid, Cisco Corporate Affairs regional manager in Sub-Saharan Africa, said “Without that basic IT knowledge, a learner would be lost in their first year of studies. ICT as a subject must get more attention and focus… and this is where the ICT private sector has to come in.”

Study IT Courses Online

Yes…this is where online IT education comes in. Online IT diploma courses enable you to gain the required technical skills and knowledge with high levels of flexibility and convenience. As online ICT programmes are designed to expand the reach of education, you do not have to worry about the lack of seats in a particular course. Moreover, you can choose to study directly from the convenience of your home as it offers high levels of flexibility. Hence you can also choose to do a day job and acquire relevant work experience.

But if you are concerned about the quality of education, then let me tell you that most Information Technology courses online provide you a top-notch learning experience as the courses are developed and conducted by reputed professors and industry experts. You will get to learn about various IT aspects like design, configuration programming, database designing, applications and routine maintenance.

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 Boost Your IT Career

Online IT programmes can effectively help South African learners and job seekers master various technical and professional information and communications technology skills which will empower them to push their careers forward in the IT industry.

What do you think? How will you build your IT career? Feel free to share your views with us by commenting below. We would love to hear from you.

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How Online Education can be more Beneficial?

Online education is here to stay and rule. No matter, which part of the world you belong, accessing qualifications through online reflect how easy it has become to pursue an entire course from comforts of home defying the traditional concept of learning. Though the common debate between online education and traditional learning might never seem to cease but internet based learning has so much to it that one cannot deny its extra benefits.

Extra Benefits- How Students perceive this Mode of Learning?

There are countries where students cannot access traditional learning due to its many disadvantages like costs, travelling expenses to institutions, non-flexible timing and other factors. Unlike this online have indeed many extra benefits that render motivation to learn more. While you sit at home engaged to the internet, you have access to different software that aid in downloading images, or photos or information to assist you. Remember, if you thought learning Mathematics, Probability or Trigonometry is difficult online then it is not so.

An Online Chemistry Class (Image: Youtube)

An Online Chemistry Class (Image: Youtube)

While you are logged into particular website of any online service provider, you are not just engaged to a range of courses but also discussion forums where you can chat with online mentors and seek advices. Though one might argue that having direct contact or tete-a-tete conversation with mentors is impossible as it is in traditional learning, but you follow your own ways of studying and contacting teachers as and whenever the necessity is felt. Many online course providers offer a fantastic video platform where you can fall back to for useful tips from professors. While the educational videos on certain subjects are already formatted, you can pause and play again rigorously to catch hold of what is being taught through the video. One might agree that this is not possible through traditional mode of learning.

Sometimes, sitting amidst hundreds of students and imbibing teachings from professors in institutions can be tough and strenuous. Your mentor will probably not attend to your call you need the most since he might be busy attending other students’ calls. But this is not the case in online learning wherein you claim full attention of your mentor and seek courses at your pace and peace. Many online institutions offer fantastic course materials with beautiful graphics and animation for a lucid presentation. It is for your better understanding. Only that you have to follow few rules for registration so that you are enrolled to an authentic institution.

Here, is a look at few instances how individuals gain massively from online courses.

Online classes can be accessed all around the World (Image:

Online classes can be accessed all around the World (Image:

A Few Instances

If you thought only students access online courses, you are wrong since many professionals in their middle age seek MBA online courses for further boost in career. The idea is to find growth in career and higher ranking positions. For instance, professionals in full-time accounting seek opportunity of pursuing higher studies to bring boost to career. Experienced individuals say that opportunity to set their own timing and continue studies from any part of globe is amazing.

Besides, many students who cannot complete studies at young age go on to enrol for higher studies like master degree courses later in life. The idea is to bring impetus to career at any point they feel the need. Many women marrying at early stages in life go on to pursue studies, whether undergraduate or postgraduate through online later in life for building careers. The biggest advantage of distance learning comes with the fact that they can juggle family, personal life and study; all three at a time.

Nonetheless, to ensure that you seek authentic and certified courses, enrol with a recognised online degree provider. Though, the list has many, choose the best from the lot after careful assessment and evaluation of their courses and credibility of those courses.

Hence, enjoy extra benefits of online study and make your career more thriving.

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How to Become a Successful Online Learner

Don’t you think that pursuing distance learning is easier than a full time program? Isn’t studying at home seem more flexible and advantageous than doing the same in a classroom? Well, it’s all your ways and strategies that stand responsible for letting you successfully earn a degree online. In fact, it needs a lot of hard work and planning to complete an entire online academic program in time.

Online Learning – Advantages & Risks

Time management is the biggest concern for every online student. Although advantages like flexibility, setting one’s own class hours and learning at one’s own pace are the gifts of distance learning, several students have a propensity to come up with casual approaches in respect to such learning modes. So, the advantages of convenience and freedom can make any online course pursuer loose track and fall short of his/her course targets.

Well, here are few tips and suggestions for all online students who are willing to polish their career standards:

  • Set objectives – It’s very important to set a specific target regarding the career course you are willing to pursue. Once you know the syllabus, it will be easy for you set the learning schedule.
  • Set a convenient timetable – A convenient timetable should always be set so that your learning pace can be maintained and you can proceed with ease and perfection. Often jumbling up materials makes you land up in confusion. Therefore, a proper time table can be highly beneficial.
  • Choose a good study place – A peaceful surrounding is always preferred for studying. So, a lot depends on your study place that primarily stands responsible for your success and hard work.

What should an Online Learner Expect

  1. After choosing an accredited and reputed institution, it’s natural for an online learner to expect the best facilities reserved for off-campus students. The institution or the university must be flexible enough to make a student enjoy each and every advantage of online learning.
  2. Facilities like audio-visual aids, virtual classrooms, chat discussion board, online forums etc should be provided by the institution.
  3. Faculties must be cooperative. They should always maintain an amiable approach towards their students and help them whenever required.