How Online Learning is a Feasible Option to Get Better Jobs in the Market?

Online learning has grown in leaps and bounds over the past decade. A large number of students have flocked to online colleges and massive open online courses because they want to secure jobs as early as possible by developing their skills.

Some educational magazines and researchers have been studying the role of online learning in securing jobs for students. They have put in a lot of effort to understand whether online distance education actually helps students find a job. The studies find out that the scepticism about distance learning is somewhat shifting because more and more students are looking to earn a degree through online distance learning medium.

Meteoric Rise Over The Last Decade

Online education sector has gone through a meteoric rise over the past decade. According to a report by Babson Survey Research Group, over 6.1 million students enrolled in at least one online class in the fall of 2010. The data suggests a growth rate of 10 percent over 2009 and almost four times higher than the number of students took online courses a decade back. (Source:

There are some students enrolled in the traditional schools, which also provide online courses whereas many other students go for online courses through UK universities and other online institutes. Still, people are concerned over the quality of online learning and value of online degrees in getting jobs.

UK Universities in Nigeria

UK universities’ online courses are especially designed to help in getting better job opportunities. These universities have a wide presence in the online education sector and they are making their presence felt all around the world. Now, they have come up with many undergraduate and postgraduate online courses in Nigeria promising students from this region of enhanced job prospects.

Find out how online distance learning from UK universities can help Nigerian students enhance their career prospects:

  • Flexibility of learning
  • Accommodate online courses with your lifestyle as per convenience
  • Quick degree to maximise job prospects
  • Make a balance between personal, professional and academic life without glitches
  • Working professionals and middle age people can also study for online degrees and earn a valuable degree to rise within the organisation
  • Complete the courses as per your convenience, though you must complete the course on time for better job opportunities
  • Study at own pace without feeling the pressure, though you should be self disciplined and committed to studies

Besides these factors, online distance learning courses are designed to improve various skills of students. Employers today look for apt skills in their employees and online distance learning instils all the required qualities in the learners.


4 Undergraduate Degree Choices for Extroverts

If your idea of an ideal work day is being cooped up in your office cubicle, working on your computer and not having to interact with another human being, you are the exact opposite of an extrovert. The extrovert can be seen interacting with his or her colleagues, helping them out when the need arises, arranging the office picnic. In college the extrovert is the one that makes friends easily, hangs out with a variety of people rather than a particular clique and is quite popular among his or her friends. The very thought of being stuck at one place doing the same thing over and over again gives these people nightmares.

Extroverts have excellent social skills, enjoy meeting new people and are usually excellent speakers. These qualities also help them to become productive, popular and amiable leaders in their fields, so choosing bachelor degrees that makes the most of their natural talent is a wise career move. Read on to know which undergraduate courses fit like a glove.


Sales and Marketing:

This is a no brainer. People who love to talk and are good at holding an audience’s attention are an asset in the field of sales and marketing. With the right kind of training, people who prefer direct one on one interaction can make a mark for themselves in sales. Those who enjoy the challenge of getting a large number of people to think their way without being in direct contact should choose marketing. Whether the job is to reach ten or ten thousand, a seasoned marketing personnel who can gauge what makes the target audience tick will always have a job, even in this economy.



If you were a part of the debate team in high school or were known for your skills as a public speaker, studying law is an option to consider. Not only do practicing lawyers get to talk and argue for a living, they can even have the satisfaction of knowing that their job helps to right many wrongs. If practice doesn’t set your pulse racing, or you would prefer a corporate environment, you could always become a legal consultant for various businesses, big or small. If volunteering is where your heart lies, you could also work with an NGO and/ or do some pro bono work.


Tourism and Hospitality:

Travel junkies and the party people are the perfect candidates for tourism and hospitality studies. This is a degree that could open doors to travelling across the world for a living or working at a posh hotel chain or a boutique restaurant, or taking up adventure sports for work. The tourism and hospitality program is also an excellent option for those who like armchair travel. You can advise people on where to holiday, how to travel and how to live it up in style or on a budget. And don’t forget the employee perks and benefits that are a part and parcel of this field.