Bid Farewell to Ivy League Colleges and Welcome Online Options for Further Studies

Poor Jane Woods gets turned down by one of the most reputable Ivy League colleges. That’s the story chronicled for thousands of fervent students desiring to make it to an Ivy League college but is disappointingly rebuffed at the nick hour. It is a sheer waste of energy and time after much expectation and hopes. At times like this, it is a grueling experience for students to cope with the highs and lows of admission procedures through the several Ivy League colleges that takes a huge toll on their mental stamina.

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Here, take a read to Know about Students’ Reactions to Denial

I have a few friends who experienced bad luck when trying to get through one of these colleges. Not that they are vexed with the fact of denial but they are more disappointed with the ordeal they had to go through during the application procedure. The harassment was grave since applicants had to follow rigorous system of application but all that lead to rejection at the end with a mail expressing sympathy and understanding from the colleges.

Thus, now students are coming to an understanding that for many reasons, known or unknown, they could not make it to Ivy League colleges. But what is evident is that students are not discouraged by the rejection they have met. Rather, they are seeking other ways of accessing further studies. Are you wondering what they have their eyes on? Here, take a look at few of my friends’ experiences and what instigated them to change decisions.

Few of my Friends met the Same Fate. But they have come out of it with Flying Colours…take a Read to know How?

I have a few friends who met the same fate, but I must admit that destiny had different plans for them. Not that they are in a fix, rather they have worked out a great career by accessing college and University courses through online. Here, go a few stories of my friends and how their career piqued with right decisions made at the most important juxtaposition of life.

A few Real life Experiences

Case 1

One my friends, Philomena (real name not disclosed), had applied for Y**e University but her application was eventually rejected. “Though I was denied by a few schools I was not discouraged since I knew what I wanted.”

Though, a slight hint of disappointment had hit her initially, she sought to online courses that shaped her career in a more refined manner. She is going steady with the course and is in her final year. She has plans of joining a multinational company to carve a strong niche in the corporate domain.

Case 2

John, my childhood friend was denied by the University of Vir****a. His application was denied and he still does not know why. He had given up all hopes and was whining at home about his future dreams being shattered. But then, he came to know about online study through an article in paper. He had intimated me about the same and I had garnered information on his behalf. I must say that the information was helpful indeed since today he is employed in one of the top-notched positions in a prestigious company.

The above two stories of my friends acted as an eye-opener and helped me learn how Philomena and John reverted back to great career dreams with online studies, despite being harassed and spurned by Ivy League colleges. Undoubtedly, online is an emerging medium with abounding scopes for students to take distance courses.

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You sit at a laptop, log into a State University accredited online institution and pick online degree courses you find suitable for your career. The enrolment procedure is quite simple if you follow the guidelines as furnished by the institutions. Financing can be easy too since you continue your present job, if you are engaged in one, and handle studies with ease. I suggest that you consider the best online education provider, which has its global presence with an illustrious reputation. When looking for such provider, consider the following factors:

  • If the University offers authentic degree courses
  • Check out for authenticity of accreditation as mentioned in company websites and logos.
  • Contact the college committees for cross-checking of accreditation. Look out for all authorised accreditation bodies as listed by National Education Department

Hence, check out for the above procedures to ensure that the accreditation of universities is justified and they are quite reputable in offering authentic online courses.

So, the entire discussion as detailed above shows that there is nothing to worry if you cannot get through Ivy League Colleges, since reputed online degree providers are there to help you chalk out a fine career.

All said and done, bid farewell to recognised Ivy colleges and welcome online degrees as the foundation for great career enhancement.

(Note: The names of Universities and people have been kept confidential since the intention is not meant to hurt anybody’s feelings.)

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