5 Reasons for Why We should be Thankful to the Internet


Internet Access

Internet Access (Photo credit: whurleyvision)

When you rain down thundering strokes on the keyboard, busy with something on the net, have you ever stopped to say thanks. Has anyone at their Thanksgiving dinner table said thank god for the internet! If you haven’t read on for the reasons to say thanks to the high heavens for the miracle called the internet.

  • E-MAIL

Not only is e-mail threatening to turn the postal system revenue figures red, it has also almost shown the greeting card industry the door. Turning the traditional methods of communication on its head electronic mail has firmly established itself in our lives. Free of cost and as quick as a snap, electronic mail is something very few can do without today. From grocery lists to last minute essays to all important presentations all information can be mailed electronically. And it doesn’t stop there. Music, films, photographs and other audio visuals can all be shared.

English: The three biggest web search engines

English: The three biggest web search engines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The dawn of the search engine was the best thing that ever happened to students worldwide. Not only did it put an end to looking up entries in encyclopedias, it brought global information to your desktop. Whether you’re looking for work, love, a recipe or the answer to a philosophical question, thanks to the internet you can Google it. Such is the popularity of this search engine that the action of using its service has become a verb! From pancetta to parantha and family tree to duty free, search engines have changed the way we think, access and process information and entertainment.

Learning Online

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Whether you’re young, old, unemployed, working overtime, or unable to attend university for any reason at all, the internet has brought education to your doorstep. Online universities have come to the rescue of all students anywhere in the world, making education truly possible. You could be sitting in Africa and earning a degree from the UK, or stuck in your bed and earning a degree locally. That this method of education costs a fraction of the traditional campus degree is a fact that has also allowed people with economic difficulties to pursue a career. A truly global education from an online university is now a possibility for anyone with a computer and an internet connection.

Modern Social Networks


We have come a long way from when chat rooms were the latest rage. After it gave us the first popular social networking site Orkut, it gave us Facebook, the mother of all social networking. Hunting down long lost friends and relatives, keeping your globally scattered family updated about your new tyke, showing off your latest vacation photos, social networking changed interpersonal communication. You can talk or video chat with someone thousands of miles away and not have to pay a dime for it. So powerful is this phenomenon that when people hear the worlds tweet, follow and chat, they no longer think of a bird, of a leader or of an old fashioned conversation.


Online shopping has changed the way stores do business. Not only can you buy books, clothes and electronics online, you can order your groceries, mundane or gourmet off the internet. No more standing in line, thank you very much. You can order pretty much anything online and the fabulous discounts and the ease of paying through a credit card will keep you going back for more. Not only for B2C, but B2B businesses have also been immensely profited by this.


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